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Our Story

We started Combat Yoga because we saw a gap in the market. Brazilian Jiu-jiutsu belts are not standardized at all, each person is held to a different standard. We wanted to bring a standardized system based on the best techniques from multiple combat sports combining them for a complete system that isn't based on ...

Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym in Douglasville

Combat Yoga is a holistic self-defense program utilizing yoga-style moves. We offer a well-rounded training base that improves weight loss & strength. Based in Douglasville, Our gym has a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion instructor with a high success rate for meeting our student's goals. We offer ...

Learn From The Best Of The Best

We offer a range of classes for children and adults of all ages. We welcome students of all abilities – if it’s your first time in class, let the instructor know, and they will ensure that you receive a full safety run-down. Our classes are limited to small groups, so our instructors can give individuals the ...

Masterful Instruction

Our instructor is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion and has spent years perfecting his technique, enabling him to offer an optimal level of teaching to all students. He has progressed through the mastery system of his respective crafts, and many have competed in fights across the globe.

Founder / Head Instructor

Professor Andrew is the founder and head instructor at Combat Yoga. He is a multiple time IBJJF World and Pans Champion at every belt level (Gi and No-gi). He has wrestled and coached on championship wrestling teams. His main focus is to develop the best team in the world by having fun and achieving the goals we ...

Excellent Reviews


Great instructor and great environment to come and train and get better. Professor Andrew is a great instructor and takes time to make sure...  Read more
Jun 11, 2024
cj daniel
I recently completed the 7-day free trial of Combat Yoga and loved it. I noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The...  Read more
Jun 9, 2024
Empress Asheen (Empress Asheen)