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Recommended by 19 people
Recommended by 19 people
Great instructor and great environment to come and train and get better. Professor Andrew is a great instructor and takes time to make sure...  Read more
Jun 11, 2024
cj daniel
I recently completed the 7-day free trial of Combat Yoga and loved it. I noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The...  Read more
Jun 9, 2024
Empress Asheen (Empress Asheen)
Combat Yoga is an exceptional gym that has significantly contributed to my fitness journey. Through their innovative training program, I have...  Read more
May 29, 2024
Tedera Lipsey
Not recommend. 
May 25, 2024
Suana Antiny
Too small and too hot! Unwelcoming environment 
May 23, 2024
Cleveland Fairfax
May 22, 2024
Michael Richidella

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